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Dream Dictionary

Dream Interpretation has been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. Dreams bring amazing insight as to the delicate weave of both the conscious and subconscious mind!

Dream Dictionary

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Cab, (Taxi)

A taxi cab and other forms of transportation, represent our journeys in life. A cab ride is often a short journey and shows us a tiny portion of our life along the way. Dreams of either a smooth or bumpy ride is synonymous with the experience we are currently having in life. We are most often a passenger in the journey so we are allowing someone else to take the responsibility for this action. Are you dependent on others in your waking life? Are you being driven around by those you may not necessarily know very well? Is your cab speeding? Then you are at a race to achieve your goals. Is the cab stuck in traffic? Look around, does this mirror your life? The other factor is a cab is the meter. The meter is always running. As in life, it is the ticking away of our life clock and the path we are taking to get there. Is the meter running higher and higher? Do you not have enough money to pay it? Look at your financial matters in waking life? What seems out of control? Are you a backseat driver in the dream? Telling the cab driver where to go? Issues of control, perhaps? Or are you the cab driver and the back seat passenger is barking instructions at you? Is someone pushing you in a direction you do not necessarily want to go? Pay attention to the details. See also transportation.


Dreams of vegetables, plants and vegetation represent a dreamers potential for growth, nourishment and abundance. Robust, health vegetation is synonymous with the life and health of your life and that around you. In contrast, weak, dry, rotting, decaying or underdeveloped vegetation all symbolize our current state of health, wealth or well-being. Cabbage is a hardy and full vegetable that starts from a tiny seed and grows into a large and heavy "head" that is picked at the peak of Fall.


The prickly cactus, a desert plant, lives in a dry climate, therefore, it is a survivor and fights the intense elements around it to survive. Dreams of a cactus can represent your fortitude with a situation. The needles can represent your "stand offish" approach and/or a way to protect yourself. The cactus is also a hidden healer. As are many of the plant kingdom, so the hidden abundance and healing properties may not be so obvious, but nevertheless, as important.

Caduceus: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it's dream meaning. The caduceus is rich in symbolism. The elements include the serpent (wrapped in opposite directions represent polar opposites and balance), the circle (universal symbol of unity, wholeness, infinity, the goddess/female power (moon) the god/male power (sun)), the spiral (representing the never-ending cycles of growth, change and eternal life), the infinity symbol (which stands for completeness and perfection), the wings (a symbol of flight, intuition, spirituality and communication) and the wand (or staff, which means power, authority, the control over supernatural and magical forces and is the tool of magicians, medicine men and shaman). Together, this symbol is one of wisdom, great knowledge and medicine, as found in the tree of life, the world axis and healing.


Speed, size, color... Freud saw the car as a symbol of sexuality and moreover masculinity. When a man dreams about a car it has to do with issues of masculinity, power and class. When women dream about cars it can relate to their own appeal towards men or their ambitions. A car and other forms of transportation, represent our journeys in life. Dreams of either a smooth or bumpy ride are synonymous with the experience we are currently having in life. Are you the driver of the car? Do you feel in control? Is there a back seat driver commanding instructions from behind you? Is someone pushing you in a direction you do not necessarily want to go? Are you being driven in the car? So are you being driven around by those you may not necessarily know very well? Is your car speeding? Then you are at a race to achieve your goals. Is the car stuck in traffic? Look around, does this mirror your life? Are you a backseat driver in the dream? Telling the driver where to go? Issues of control, perhaps? Driving down an open road? Your feelings of freedom and your ability to express yourself are easy. A car accident can signify the lack of control, poor judgment and confusion around your present situation. See also automobile, transportation.

Cardinal Directions: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it's dream meaning. No matter what your tradition or location on Earth, the four cardinal directions are relevant in every culture, clan and society. Throughout history, every culture has a significant relationship with the directions, assigning them a color, emotion, season and other metaphysical meanings. Some cultures, such as the Chinese and certain Native American cultures, recognize five principal directions including North, South, East, West, and Center.


Cats are most associated with wisdom, knowledge, good luck symbolism (unless they are black and cross your path) and the feminine aspect of our psyche. Intuition, psychic dreams and female independence are connected to cats. How do you see them in your dreams? What are they doing? What color are they? These are all individual symbols you should pay attention to. Cats have been worshiped in some cultures and have been seen as the holders of the mysteries of life, death and rebirth. Your connection to cats in your waking life, often bring forth your emotions in dreams. Fear of cats can indicate can be interpreted as a fear of death, bad luck (as in black cats, above) or a lack of personal strength. A scratching cat indicates your own self-defense. A cat that is chased or killed can be an indicator of bad luck or potential threat. A love for cats offers a new look at life, Cats have a notion of possessing nine lives and seeing this in a dream can denote your overcoming of obstacles. Cats are associated with fertility, new life or new beginnings and the foretelling of good luck, monetary gain or personal triumph. Cat's eyes offer light or "illumination" in a dark situation. The meow of a cat, can be seen as those talking about you behind your back.

Celtic Cross: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it's dream meaning. The Celtic Cross or Ring Cross, offers unification, totality, wholeness and inclusion. It was most often used as a grave marker representing hope, life, honor and faith. The Celtic cross meaning also deals with the transition of the seasons, and even mark the four Celtic fire festivals (Samhain, Imbolc, Beltain, Lughnasadh). In Ireland, a very early version of the Celtic Cross was discovered. This cross did not have its arms extending outside the circle and was considered the Wheel Cross, Odin's Cross or the Sun Cross. This cross represented the Sun King, the powers of ancient astrology and the Earth (in the center of the cross) along with the four elements.


A centaur is a mythological creature with the head, arms, and torso of a human and the body and legs of a horse. This half-human and half-horse has led many writers to treat them as liminal beings, caught between the two natures, embodied in contrasted myths, both as the embodiment of untamed nature, or as teachers. The centaurs were usually said to have been born of Ixion and Nephele (the cloud made in the image of Hera). Another version, however, makes them children of a certain Centaurus, who mated with the Magnesian mares. This Centaurus was either himself the son of Ixion and Nephele or of Apollo and Stilbe, daughter of the river God Peneus. This fantastical creature has a deep connection between man and horse. In dreams and throughout history, he has been known as the symbol of lust, with his arrow representing ejaculation and his body representing power. He is cannonized in the Universe as one of the 12 astological signs, Sagittarius. Often seen with a sad face in artwork which represents his known struggle between his lust and brute force and his need for balance with his spirituality. Therefore, he really represents the struggle humans go through between spirit and physicality, intuition and knowledge and conscious and unconscious.


A Chalice (from Latin calix, or Greek kalyx, shell, husk) is a goblet or footed cup intended to hold a drink. In general religious terms, it is intended for drinking during a ceremony. In Christian denominations, a chalice is a standing cup used to hold sacramental wine during the Eucharist (also called the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion). the Holy Chalice is the vessel which Jesus used at the Last Supper to serve the wine. An entirely different and pervasive tradition concerns this same cup. In this version, the vessel is known as the Holy Grail. In this legend, Jesus used the cup at the Last Supper to institute the Mass. Other stories claim that Joseph of Arimathea used the cup to collect and store the blood of Christ at the Crucifixion. In Wicca a chalice, as a feminine principle, is often used in combination with the Athame (ceremonial black-handled knife), as male principle. Combining the two evokes the act of procreation, as a symbol of universal creativity. This is a symbol of the Great Rite in Wiccan rituals.


Being chased in your dream has much to do with the context it is seen in, which includes identifying the chaser. Who is chasing you? Is it a male, female, animal, or an unknown being? Generally, being chased means that you are being told by your unconsciousness that you're avoiding an issue or a person. It may refer to running from your own emotions, due to fear of something or someone. Identifying this fear helps you get to the root of the problem. You may be avoiding something fearful, painful, or irritating that bothers you in waking life. When you are being chased by one person in a dream, it is sometimes thought of as a fear of relationship or intimacy. Being chased by a group of people can indicate a fear of being overtaken or over whelmed. It can also mean that you do not seem to have a say in a certain important matter. There is often a feeling of being threatened. You are over whelmed by work, have a fear of someone in particular or missed a deadline or opportunity.

Dreaming about chasing someone else also has to do with the person you are chasing and the reason you are chasing them. Start by identifying the person you are chasing. The common theme of this chase is often associated with someone you admire or are interested in. It can also refer to you chasing apart of your psyche or emotion that you wish to overcome. When you are chasing something and do not know what it is, this can often mean that you need a clarification of your goal in waking life. What are you chasing after? What do you desire that makes you want to run after it? Consider the end result. Did you finish the chase? Were you caught or did you catch what you were after?


Dreams of a chicken can represent easy availability. They represent fortune in love, joy and happiness in all aspects of your life. These female birds are the workers. Unlike their male counterpart, the rooster, "being chicken" also is associated with being afraid. Their flighty nature has them in every direction looking for something. In ourselves it often means looking for our own strength, will power or confidence.


To dream of a chimney represents pleasure, entertainment, or enjoying one's self without a obligation. This dream symbolizes your comfort in knowing that what you like always works for you. A chimney stands alone with silent pride and may reflect your power which is never questioned or never embarrassing. Never caring about other's opinions. If you dream of a chimney on a factory, it refers to unexpected money coming your way. That is sometimes why a chimney may reflect those you feel "have it all". A smoking chimney represents good news on its way. But a blocked chimney refers to repeated issues that keep coming up in your life, which do not allow you to live freely. You can't sit back and relax. Seeing a crumbling chimney in your dreams means that you have the inability to see yourself with love and respect. Is it time to fix that chimney?

Chimney sweep

Within the English and Eastern European cultures, chimney sweeps are believed to pass on good luck to those they meet, especially when you shake hands with one.


Considered an aphrodisiac, chocolate has a connotation of sweet dreams and sexual encounters. According to its dream context, chocolate, the most popular sweet given as a gesture of love, chocolate by its name alone, conjures up sensuality. Given the fact that the melting point of chocolate is 98.6 (the same as our body temperature), it is no wonder the sweet taste of milk chocolate or slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate brings about the feelings of a forbidden act as it melts in your mouth! Rich in phenylethylamine, it works like natural neurotransmitter dopamine with epinephrine (also known as adrenalin) creating an elevation of senses and feelings of well being.

Cho Ku Rei: (see also, Reiki Symbols)

Used by reiki practitioners to increase the power available to them and to help focus their energy for physical healing. The meaning of this symbol is "place the power of the Universe here". Used also as a form of meditation, before and after a treatment. Use this symbol for "awakening the Light from within and from above."


A perfectly drawn circle in your dream is a prediction of many good things to come, and prosperity beyond measure. If the circle is wobbly, or appears to be a child's drawing, you will still reach your goals but you will have troubles on the way to it. If the circle is broken, it denotes failed marriages. A circle is a symbol of wholeness, infinity, the goddess and female power (moon) the god and male power (sun). The perfect circle has no beginning and no end. It is the basis for the wheel. It is the basis of 100's of symbols. See symbols.

Claddagh: (see also, Good Luck)

Hands/heart, the Claddagh's symbolism incorporates the heart for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty. Chosen for true love symbolism and marriage (seen in wedding bands), this particular symbol was designed in Galway, Ireland in the 17th century. The elements involved in this symbol, however date back to the Romans, who had a popular ring design with clasped hands called The Fede, meaning fidelity.


Dreams of a clam represent dealings with an obstinate but honest person. Dreaming of clams associated with your life, can mean that you will enjoy a comfortable life by shutting others out. Often, the dreamer has feelings insecurity, having trouble revealing themselves or their life or showing someone something that is important to them.


Chinese and Western cultures have a long history associated with coins and good luck. In the West it is considered lucky to throw coins into wells and fountains, while in China the depiction of a metal coin (qian), sometimes portrayed as multiple coins intertwined, is thought to bring about prosperity and longevity. Coin themes vary in dreams. When you dream of flipping a coin or playing heads or tails with a coin, this represents your casual attitude about the outcome. Letting go and letting life and/or fate choose for you. Finding coins in your dream means finding a positive attitude or "silver lining" about a particular problems you may be concerned about. It is power gained or freedom obtained. Stacking coins represents your awareness of having more of something than you did before and the pride associated with it.


When it comes to dreaming in color or black and white, science is still divided. Some scientists believe that 80% of our dreams are in color. They believe that these dreams of color happen later in the sleep cycle while black and white dreams occur earlier in the sleep stage. Others believe we never dream in black and white and believe that it is biologically impossible. The colors in dreams convey different ideas based on our cultural differences. Although, universal dreams occur in all cultures, they express different meanings. Symbolism, (that right brain activity), color and interpretation are ultimately best transcribed by the individual. Some of the folklore on the symbolism of color and dreams can be an interesting discovery. Below is a list of color and their interpretations.

Color of your dreams    
Understand the color energy within your dreams to enhance your dream interpretations.    
Love, passion, energy, enthusiasm, courage, strength, radiant health. Also good for protection against psychic attack, physical harm and to conquer fear of any kind. Red is the power of strength, blood, family, grounding and rooting into the earth.
Symbolizes the Sun of midsummer. A color of great power. Enthusiasm, fun, vitality, stimulation, adaptability, attraction and friendship. Use for bringing success, or to draw/attract good things and friendly people.
Clairvoyance, learning, mind and communication. Used in operations designed to convince the mind of another. Also to aid memory, healing, improve business, success in the performing arts, promote cheerfulness in a grouchy person and chasing evil energies away.
Symbolizes nature and material gain. Healing, money, prosperity, luck, fertility, promote balance and harmony in an off balance situation, protection and calming. Other uses - For any circumstance requiring a healthier outlook, or a repeated or renewal of a desire or intention in order to perpetuate it, or protect it from deterioration.
Healing, meditation, tranquility and forgiveness. Use light blue for: devotion, inspiration, peace and blessings in the home, to keep a man or woman faithful. Use deep blue for: loyalty on a communal level, successful group enterprise and expansion. Blue is one of the most calming centering colors in the spectrum. It allows for mental wondering and a peaceful mind.
  Purple (Indigo)/Violet
Intuition, dignity and spiritual shield, wisdom, idealism, psychic manifestation and spirit contact, spirituality, wisdom and psychic awareness. Typically used when great spiritual power is necessary. Effectively used against driving away evil, to breakup a jinxed condition, and for spiritual or psychic healing, or to throw up a veil of spiritual protection.
Protection, peace, sincerity, virtue of kinds, the highest spirituality, purity and truth. The balanced presence of all colors in synthesis.
Emotional love, friendships, gentleness, spiritual fulfillment, affection and harmony. Use for spiritual healing, break up bad prevailing conditions of many kinds, great joy and sensual pleasure.
Awareness, meditation, moon and creativity. This soothing combination of both green and blue create a color, which symbolizes ultimate healing. Calming, peaceful, gentle, cooling and non-threatening. Turquoise brings about change, allowing the mind to release and let go of blocked issues that prevent you from moving forward.
Absorption and destruction of negative energy. Represents the still of the night, the deep cold and tranquil waters, the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind. Good for banishing rituals. Black releases whatever energies you have placed into it, when you charged it.
Symbolizes universal fraternity, great fortune. Use to promote understanding for divinatory rituals and bring about peace in a community in a group. Also used to bring fast luck.
Color of the soil/earth. Use in times of financial crises to attract money and financial success. Also used to attract the Earth Spirits, who must always be remunerated for their aid, and properly dismissed with a special ritual.
Represents stability and neutrality. Use to remove evil influences, or to neutralize any existing undesirable vibrations. Use with meditation to aid the development of psychic developments and ESP. Use this color to invoke the assistance of the Great Mother, or Goddess aspect of a Deity.
Magenta is an illusionary oscillation of the color spectrum, between the infra-red and ultra-violet at a very high frequency. It is named for the Magi and literally means Magic Color. Used with other colors, it will promote a speedy result or action. Also good to use for spiritual healing and quick changes of a favorable nature.


Considered one of the seven magic metals, copper occurs naturally as native copper and was known to some of the oldest civilizations on record. It has a history of use that is at least 10,000 years old and estimates of its discovery place it at 9000 BC in the Middle East. A copper pendant was found in northern Iraq that dates to 8700 BC. There is evidence that gold and meteoric iron (not iron smelting) were the only metals used by humans before copper. Copper is a chemical element with the symbol Cu (Latin: cuprum) and atomic number 29. It is a ductile metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity. Copper is essential to all living organisms as a trace dietary mineral because it is a key constituent of the respiratory enzyme complex cytochrome C oxidase. The main areas where copper is found in humans are liver, muscle and bone. Metaphysically, copper is ruled by Venus and corresponds to amethyst, and is associated with the astrological houses are Taurus and Libra. It is sacred to the Goddess and Oya. Use for money and fertility. The metal copper has a great connecting power. It easily combines with other metals and it easily transfers warmth and electricity. It therefore, encourages the connection with love and sensuality, friendship, positive relationships of any kind, negotiations and peace. (See also, copper).

Corn Doll

From the Native Indian to the Celtic culture, the corn doll is associated with the "spirit of the harvest". Corn dolls or a corn dolly was often made at the end of harvest, Mabon or Autumn Equinox in order to "capture the spirit of the crops". They were brought in doors for the winter, to protect the "harvest spirit" and then plowed back into the ground at the start of the next season. The dollies were often made into the "old crone" representing the aspects of the Harvest Goddess. In Scotland, it was customary for young girls to make a corn dolly during Imbolc, the mid-way point between Winter and Spring, and place it in a Bride's Bed. This was a basket dressed up with reeds, ribbons or lace and a blanket in the bottom to place the doll on. The doll and basket would be taken from house to house as a blessing from St. Brigid.


The Cougar is synonymous with the jaguar and panther, representing leadership, courage, wild beauty and grace. Enemies will fail in attempts to injure you or attempts to take you down. In Native American cultures, this cat is referred to the creature who "kills with one blow". The Mayan culture believed that their valued maize fields where guarded by four jaguars. Often seen in with the image of the Goddess of the Moon, Diana, a dog/cougar/jaguar/panther stands guard along side her. The Greek word panthera, means all beast.


If you are dreaming of a cow, this represents calm, slowness and maternity. Farm animals have qualities representing both domesticity and wildness. Docile and productive. Great prosperity in all ventures but watch out your own affairs carefully. Cows promise abundant fulfillment of hopes and desires. They often live in herds, are bred and reared for slaughter and are often fenced into a limited and often unnatural environment. Your attitude about ANY animal will depend on your own personal belief about them. So always look to your belief regarding any animal in a dream.


In Native American culture these animals represent the Trickster. Rogue, wild animals who represent a thief. This means doomed for disappointment or serious disaster ahead, IF you are not cautious and aware. A coyote will go after prey that is weaker then themselves. Since their prey is unable to fight back, it makes it easier for this cowardly animal to take advantage of the situation. In your dreams, it is much the same meaning. Coyotes have the gift of deception and in you dreams can represent a person who is "two-faced" or one who deceives .


The introspective and in tune crab is one of the most famous along the belt of the zodiac! Crabs represent emotionally sensitive. They are a symbol of domestication and defensiveness. Crabs are naturally protective. Dreams of a crab can be associated with protecting one's self or being protective. Crabs are symbolic of sensitivity, tenaciousness, retentiveness, and being resourceful. A crab is self-contained and dreams of yourself with others can be related to family and or home orientation. A crab dream can represent maternal security and warmth. Ruled by the moon and the water element, a dream of a crab can mean a sign of extreme emotions. Crabs in water can find your emotions washing over you, sometimes very unexpectedly. Their shell represents their home, which they always carry with them, as this animal loves a safe, peaceful home. There is a dual introverted-extroverted nature about Crabs. They love to pop out of their shell and be around others, even crowds. In the same token, they can be pop back into their shell and feel safe and protected, isolating themselves back in their environment where they can recharge.

Crescent Moon and Star

The Crescent Moon and Star is probably one of the most famous moon symbols and has been used since ancient times. The crescent represents the changing shape of the moon, as well as its return back to the same shape. Like the moon, the symbol relates to the feminine powers and the element of water. The Greeks used this symbol to represent the Virgin, Goddess Artemis, who in the Roman tradition was referred to as the Goddess Diana. She was usually depicted as holding a crescent or wearing one on her head. Diana was known to be the virgin goddess of childbirth and women. She was one of the three maiden goddesses, Diana, Minerva and Vesta, who swore never to marry. In Hinduism, the crescent moon is the symbol of Shiva, the God of Transformation. The Carthaginians used it to represent their Goddess Tanit Astarte, the Queen of Heaven and in Egypt, the upturned crescent was associated with the Goddess Isis. Inheriting this symbolism from the past, Christian iconography of the crescent and star has come to represent the Virgin Mary. Sometimes referred to as the Star of the Sea, she appears standing on a crescent moon with a star in the background. This crescent moon, resting on its back, is also considered the symbol of the Chalice. The "Star of the Sea" reference was also carried over to the African Goddess of the Sea, Yemaya. Representing the High Priestess in the Tarot, she is associated with intuition, mystery and the powerful unconscious. The Crescent Moon and Star is one of the most iconic images in Islam. It represents paradise, resurrection, openness and concentration. Many stories relate to its origin, but one of the most famous stories refers to one of the founders of the Ottoman Empire, Osman, who had a dream in which the crescent moon stretched across the sky. He therefore, kept the existing Moon Goddess symbol and made it the Empire's new adopted emblem. The symbol has been used by cities and to commemorate battles. It has been imprinted on coins and flown on flags. See also Archetypes (Mother), Moon, Moonsigns, Women


The Chinese and Mediterranean cultures consider the cricket good luck in some countries. In China, crickets are sometimes kept in cages to keep good luck around. They are considered a sign of death and ressurrection In Japan, crickets are connected to the moon. To hear a cricket foretells some very sad news concerning the death of a distant friend.

Cross: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it's dream meaning.

This ancient symbol, which has been translated in hundreds of ways, shapes and interpretations is basically the crossing of one horizontal line and one vertical line. It is the symbol of the material world and the spiritual world crossing and meeting at a center point. By placing a cross into a circle, you are able to divide the circle equally. The cross represents the four elements and four directions. Anywhere in the world, the cross is a sign of protection. Below you will find variations of many crosses.

Ankh - An ancient Egyptian hieroglyph letter meaning "life".

Brigid's Cross - Although predating Christianity, this cross was given the name of St. Brigid in order to ease the acceptance of this religion.

Benedict's Cross - Found in many variations dating back to the Celtic Cross or Sun Cross, St. Benedict and his very special Cross, which has very disctinct letters, hold the key to a powerful message.

Celtic Cross - also referred to as the Ring Cross or Sun Cross, it is found in Celtic lore, as a Chinese symbol for "thunder" and as the symbol for Earth in astrology.

Cross and Crown - A Christian symbol meaning your rewards are found in heaven.

Cross Lorraine - A symbol of spirit and matter. Associated with St. Joanne of Arc.

Inverted Cross - The cross originately choosen by St. Peter to be executed on, since he felt unworthy of being crucified on the same cross as Christ.

Jerusalem Cross - Originated by the Crusaders, it symbolizes the five wounds of Christ.

Leviathan Cross - In alchemy, it is the symbol for sulfur. The cross symbolizes double protection and infinity.

Orthodox Cross - A version of the cross of Christ, with a footrest at the bottom and a sign at the top with initials I.N.R.I.

Papal Cross - Three bar cross representing the three aspects of the power of the Pope and the Holy Trinity.

St. Andrew's Cross - otherwise known as the Saltire, was the cross he was crucified on. Also found on the Scottish flag.

Tau Cross - otherwise known as the cross of St. Francis, it is the last letter in the Hebrew alphabet, the basis for the Ankh symbol and found as far back as the Sumarian culture.

Templar Cross - This cross has many names throughout history but essentially stands for life, death and rebirth.

Cross and Crown: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it's dream meaning. A Christian symbol meaning your rewards are found in heaven.It is often interpreted as symbolizing the reward in heaven (the crown) coming after the trials in this life (the cross) (James 1:12). The symbol is also associated with Freemasonry, specifically the Knight Templar.

Cross Lorraine: (see also, Symbols)

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it's dream meaning. A symbol of spirit and matter. Associated with St. Joanne of Arc. Used by the Dukes of Lorraine, this cross also signifies the rank of cardinal. During the Renaissance period and the time of magic alchemy, this was the symbol for spirit and matter. During WWII, this symbol was adopted by the French Resistance as a secret symbol opposite the swastika, which the Nazi's adopted as their symbol of evil.


A crossroads in your dreams is often the place where a decision must be made as to which direction to go in. The X of the crossroads marks where the two worlds meet. In stories and myths, it is often the crossroads where mischief awaits! This is often in the form of other worldly spirits, fairies or even the Devil himself. It is the intersection of two paths, which give you four potential ways to go! Now what?


In general, birds are messengers and represent freedom and empowerment. They fly above and associate our connection between heaven and earth. In many cultures they are a symbol of the soul, as well as our conscious mind. Symbolic of change and the power of creation: crows represents the feminine aspect of the psyche and the knowledge of a higher order of right and wrong as they can see the physical and spiritual world. They see both inner and outer reality. This gift often connects the crow with the knowledge of seeing disappointment, grief and misfortune. Like vultures, ravens and blackbirds, crows represent the fear of death or are associated with death. They also represent the feminine aspect of the psyche and have been associated with "swallowing one's pride" (eat crow). How is the crow represented in your dream? Sitting and waiting or flying, circling over head? Are you waiting for something to occur or are you being proactive by circling and overseeing all your options?

Crystals (see also Gemstones)

Infused with energy, air, water, fire, earth....the Gifts of the Earth that God has provided us, are the most healing and nurturing powers of all. Stones and Crystals have been apart of this Earth since its creation and has played an integral part in its connection between the alignment with the pulse of the Earthbeat and the creatures that walk upon it. Andrew has created one of the most indepth Crystal Dictionaries in the world!



Dreaming of death is often an indication of great change in your life. In some traditions it means that someone in the family would soon be wed and the wedding would be beautiful. In some circles it means a birth, the opposite of death. To be unable to identify the dead person means a windfall of money for you, To talk to a dead relative is a sign of great good luck.

Throughout history, people from various religions speak of Azrael "Archangel of Death" who comforts them when they are dying and escorts their souls into the afterlife. Many people from all walks of life who have had near death experiences have reported that they encountered angels who have helped them. Even people who have seen their loved ones dying have also reported encountering angels who gave their dying loved ones peace. When people die, angels may accompany their souls into another dimension, where they'll live on. It may be just be one angel who escorts a particular soul or it may be a large group of angels who make the journey alongside a person's soul.

The Angel of Death has been personified as an evil creature wearing a black hood and carrying a scythe. This originated from the Jewish Talmud's description of an evil Angel of Death who represents the demons associated with the fall of mankind However, the Midrash (a Hebrew term for ways of interpreting biblical stories) explains that God does not allow the Angel of Death to bring evil to righteous people. Jewish tradition says that there are many different angels such as Gabriel, Samael, Sariel, and Jeremiel who may help dying people make the transition from life on Earth to the afterlife.

The Muslim Quran mentions an Angel of Death who is charged with taking your souls, "and then you will be returned to your Lord." (As-Sajdah 32:11). Muslim tradition says that the angel Azrael separates the soul from the body at the moment of death, and Azrael and other angels who help him accompany it to the afterlife.

The Christian Bible doesn't name one specific angel as the Angel of Death. But it does say that angels are "ministering spirits sent out to serve for the sake of those who are to inherit salvation" (Hebrews 1:14) and makes it clear that death is a holy event for Christians ("Precious is the sight of the Lord in the death of his saints," Psalm 116:15), so according to the Christians, it is reasonable to expect that one or more angels will be present with people when they die. The Catholic Church teaches that the Archangel Michael escorts souls who have died to the afterlife. Michael may communicate with dying people near the end of their lives on Earth, helping them find redemption before they pass on.

The Buddhist Tibetan Book of the Dead describes how people who are not yet ready to enter God's presence when they die may find themselves in the presences of Bodhisattva (an angelic being) after death. Such bodhisattvas may help and guide the deceased souls in their new state of existence.

Deceased (dreaming about)

Dreams of being haunted by the dead or guided by the dead is more common than most being may think. Many women have dreams of being cursed or criticized or by someone who's passed away often from their deceased spouse. Men, on the other hand have more dreams that their deceased mother is scolded them for giving away their belongings, not marrying the right person or they are not good enough. Sometimes you may receive a significant message from your deceased loved one or an angel, who has a meaningful impact on your life.


Everything related to a deer is favorable. A long lasting friendship, good business affairs and fortune in love along with gentleness and kindness.


The devil as a symbol represents evil in all its forms. In your dream you can see yourself confronting the devil or being the devil. As a fallen angel, the devil, is associated with ego, selfishness, conceit and deceit. Trickster and traitor, he is a representation of our struggle with good and our own dark side we all have to contend with. If you are the devil in your dreams, it is your constant fighting with the egotistical side of your psyche that you must pay attention to. If you are struggling with the devil, it is your feelings of goodness or purity that feel threatened. How do you fight back?

Diagonal: (see also, Symbols)

The Greek saw this strange line as a symbol of irrational existence. Dividing a square into two diagonal triangles with no simple relationship to its sides, this Oblique (neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specified or implied line) or obelisque later become an obelisk (a tall, four-sided, narrow tapering monument which ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top.) One of the natural sacred symbols that is the basis for all symbols.


Multiple cultures throughout history see dice as symbols of chance and therefore, a gambler's chance or luck of the draw. When matters of chance are involved... shake the dice, blow a kiss, throw of the dice.


Seeing dirt in your dream represents problems or difficulties that have to be dealt with. Unpleasant feelings about how hard or unfair life feels and the troubles associated with it. To dream of delivering dirt such as dumping a pile of dirt suggests a sign you are bitter or spiteful reflecting a difficulty you are intentionally giving someone else. To dream of eating dirt may represent feelings about how terrible it is to accept very unpleasant or embarrassing condition. If you dream of shoveling dirt in a pile away from you can represent unpleasant feelings about doing whatever you can with a difficult situation. Shoveling dirt into a hole may represent a pleasant feeling about slowly getting the closure you desire.


Every society and culture has their dog mythology. The dog is often the companion of God (and therefore, man). He is the guard dog. He acts as the go-between due to his keen sense of smell, his intuitive gift of second sight and psychic abilities. Hecate, the Goddess of the Underworld and Queen of the Witches, had her dogs, haunting the crossroads. Man's best friend also has a star named after him, Sirius the dog star constellation. So honored among the Chinese, the Dog was made one of the 12 Celestial Creatures in the Chinese Zodiac. Dogs are most associated with loyalty, friendship, care and guardianship How do you see them in your dreams? What are they doing? What color are they? These are all individual symbols you should pay attention to. Your connection to dogs in your waking life, often bring forth your emotions in dreams. Fear of dogs can indicate a fear of friendship or commitment. Aggressive dogs are about the fear of attack. From who? There is a master/servant component to dogs. Are you the leader of the pack or a follower? Does there seem to be an understanding between the two? A biting, barking or fighting dog indicates your own self-defense. Are you doing the biting or barking or are you getting it from another? The fighting, biting dog is the lashing out of your emotions, while the barking dog is a warning. A dog that is chased or killed can be an indicator of bad luck or potential threat. A love for dogs offers trusted friendship and loyalty.


Dolphins represent grace. The magical communicators of the sea, dolphins have a protective, stabilizing, compassionate demeanor. The dolphin is a messenger of wellbeing to the pure of heart. They have been honored and associated with Greek and Roman dieties, sailors and seafarers, Celtic and Christian cultures. Dolphins are highly intelligent mammals, and as such represents the mental attributes and accomplishments involved in the dream itself. It also denotes that the dreamer has made some giant strides upward through the use of his mental faculties, and, if the rest of the dream bears it out, a dolphin is like a pat on the dreamers back with a well done thrown in for good measure.


Simplicity and sturdiness. Success in your undertakings, whether in travel or love. Surrounded by loyal friends. The donkey, in history has also come to represent stupidity. The donkey has long been considered the "poor man's horse" and therefore, symbolizes poverty and humility.

Dorje: (See Vajra).

Dot: (see also, Symbols)

The very beginning of any symbol. It is the first mark made at the start of a journey/symbol/discovery... not the end of a sentence. The dot, or bindhu (which means drop), is the absolute, or mark on the forehead. At the place of the Third Eye, it is the point believed to be the "seat of the soul". One of the natural sacred symbols that is the basis for all symbols.


The symbol of peace and love heralds the end of disagreements. Dreaming of white doves foretell a happy domestic life filled with peace and tranquility. A flock of doves means that you will soon welcome home an old friend, and if you hear doves cooing, your love will be returned, but, if you hear turtle doves you will soon hear some disheartening news. Also seen as the Holy Spirit or angel of peace.


The dragon is probably one of the most permeating and legendary creatures in history, typically with serpentine or reptilian traits, that is featured in the myths of many cultures. There are two distinct cultural traditions of dragons. The European dragon, derived from European folk traditions and ultimately related to Greek and Middle Eastern mythologies and the Chinese dragon, with counterparts in Japan, Korea and other East Asian countries. The two traditions may have evolved separately, but have influenced each other to a certain extent, particularly with the cross-cultural contact of recent centuries. The English word "dragon" derives from the Greek "drakon", meaning serpent of huge size or watersnake. They are archetypes of power, sovereignty, strength, wisdom and nobility. The dragon's features and abilities have changed throughout the years due to cross-cultural stories. They have been known for their keen eyesight, making them guardians of treasures or keepers of secrets. The fire breathing dragon was seen as a force to be reckoned with. His green color would often associate him with greed, while the flaming red dragon would become the emblem of Wales. Saint George of England overpowered the dragon in a symbolic act of freedom and oppression, while the word "dragon" in China and Japan was synonymous with The Emperor. It is the dragon as Satan (serpent), who is defeated by Archangel Michael. He has also found his place in the celestial heavens as the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac, where he also equates to Leo the Lion in the Western Zodiac.


Japanese and Indian cultures see dragonflies as symbols of dreams, change and enlightenment. They represent courage, luck, strength, and happiness. Also because of their unpredictable movement, they can represent unreliability. They are considered the insect of summer, by the Chinese.

Dream catcher

Native American (Ojibwa) is used as a charm to protect sleeping children and adults from nightmares. According to legend, the hole in the center of a dream catcher web allows good dreams to reach the sleeper, while the web itself traps the bad dreams until they disappear with the first light of morning.

Dream Themes

Dreams are often categorized into different themes or "energetic ideas" of the things we seek out most in life. Below are some of the most popular dream themes and ways of understanding and solving these situations in your waking life:

Birth, GivingChasedFalling
Flying DeceasedLost
Test Taking Tidal WaveTooth, Lost

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